NOW is born from the need of the manufacturing and transformation industry to obtain a quality service that meets all requirements but above all, that always exceeds its expectations, adhering to its internal policies. It is here that Miguel Ángel and Alejandro partner to provide this option to companies, supporting them in their experience, values, dreams and resources.

In June 2016, the idea of NOW Industrial Solutions was specified as an option with high impact and results for the industry, supported by the available resources, vehicles and work areas designed expressly for the attention and solution of these requirements are consolidated, such as: Draws, rework, warehouse, transfer, storage of goods, maquilas, representation of suppliers, trading company, etc. NOW is located in within the Bernardo Quintana Industrial Park, AV. Constitution No. 9, with its own facilities to be able to offer the services with the security, quality and time that you need.