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At NOW we offer solutions to the needs of reworking a product or components. NOW Carries out evaluation of possible quality problems, makes recommendations and suggestions to the situation, presenting an optimal solution developed to suit our clients.

Once NOW's proposal is authorized, the products and / or components begin to be reworked so that they meet the expected specifications.

supplier representation

NOW is an ally in commercial strategies, since it offers representation to its clients; NOW staff will immediately and effectively attend to any small failure before it turns into a major failure, leaving the name of your company high, guaranteeing control of the strategy proposed by its advisers.

raffles and inspection
of components

NOW offers the inspection of industrial parts or components taking the specifications and needs of its clients.

NOW selects, separates and classifies components and / or products that do not meet the required specifications. Apply visual and dimensional inspection methods. It also has highly trained personnel with a high quality criterion attached to current standards and certifications.

ATTENTION inside and outside the plant

NOW offers off-site contracting as an isolated event for authorized personnel, meets the need raised in the time and duration necessary during the draw; In turn, the needs of the clients are covered by NOW staff within its facilities, covering specific shifts, the days of the week and the number of personnel that the client indicates to us.

NOW deploys staff at all times, reducing response time without generating extra costs and billing only productive time during the draw.


24 hour support